Book Review: “Getting to Maybe”

Whether it’s August and you’re an incoming 1L looking to gun through your last days of summer/freedom, or it’s January and your exam scores just forced the doctor to up your Zoloft, many of you will pick up Getting to Maybe. Here’s my take.

GTM is a good book. It has a helpful message. You could read it, and it would be a fine use of your time. But you could skip it too and that’d be equally fine.

The book basically says this: issues on law school exams are designed to be “close calls”—you could go either way…so you should. In other words, make both arguments. Explain why you would side with A, then turn around and say why you side with B. “Argue against yourself” as my contracts prof used to say. On law school exams, it pays to be a flip-flopper.

So, get the book or don’t. You’ll love reading it, or you’ll love not reading it. As long as you get the concept above, you’ll be fine either way.