Be Brief

Be brief.

That’s what this site is about—shortening five-page cases (at least) to five-paragraph briefs.

That should also be your mantra in law school. Whether it’s talking in class, giving a moot court argument, or writing your exams—always keep it short. Same goes for your 1L brief. Can you imagine grading 100+ briefs—not even professors want to read that much.

Same is true of you—you don’t want to read 20 more pages…about the Erie Doctrine…in the library…at midnight. And even if you do (gunner), you def don’t want to go back and brief it.

We hear you, and hopefully we can help you with that. Because time is short and sometimes you have more important things to focus on—like family, friends, exercise, and emotional well-being law review, moot court, mock trial, OCIs…